Distro Pak

Flat Bottom Pouches

    • Sealability: Flat bottom pouches often feature reliable sealing mechanisms, preserving the freshness and integrity of the contents while preventing leaks or spills.

    • Flexibility in Size: Available in various sizes, flat bottom pouches cater to different product quantities and dimensions, offering flexibility for diverse packaging needs.

    • Transportation Efficiency: The stable design of flat bottom pouches facilitates efficient stacking during transportation, reducing the risk of damage and ensuring products arrive in optimal condition.

  • Enhanced Stability: The flat bottom design provides increased stability, ensuring the pouch stands upright on shelves and maintains its structure during storage.

  • Maximized Visibility: The broad front panel of flat bottom pouches offers ample space for branding, product information, and engaging visuals, maximizing product visibility and attracting consumer attention.

  • Space Efficiency: The efficient use of space allows for a compact yet accommodating packaging solution, optimizing storage and display in retail settings.


Flat Bottom Packaging provides increased flexibility, stability, visibility, and sustainability (currently using PCR only). It maximizes space efficiency, offers superior sealability, and proves to be efficient for transportation and logistics.

Certainly! Our flat bottom pouches are available in diverse sizes, catering to a broad spectrum of product dimensions. We provide flexibility to meet your unique requirements.

Flat Bottom Packaging proves to be well-suited for an array of products, such as coffee, nutritional supplements, snacks, pet food, cheese, frozen food, and dry goods. The possibilities are endless. 

Our turnaround times typically span 2-3 weeks following final approval. By producing products in the USA, we save time compared to outsourcing overseas.