Distro Pak

Organic Food
Custom Flexible Packaging

Preserve Freshness

Mylar bags create a protective barrier against light, air, and moisture, preserving the freshness and quality of organic foods by preventing oxidation and spoilage. Properties of Mylar bags contribute to an extended shelf life for organic products, reducing the need for preservatives and additives.


Clear or transparent Mylar options provide visibility to the organic contents, allowing consumers to inspect the product and making the packaging more appealing. suitable for various organic food items, including grains, snacks, dried fruits, and more, making them a versatile choice


Compliance with standards is a paramount consideration in the packaging of organic foods, and Mylar bags offer a versatile solution that can be meticulously designed to meet stringent organic certification standards. By adhering to these standards, Mylar bags provide a robust framework for ensuring the authenticity and uncompromised quality of the organic products enclosed within their protective confines.